7 Ways To Be a More Productive Freelancer

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get most of your tasks done? How often do you find yourself wishing you could have done more for the day?

Many freelancers struggle with productivity, and it is usually because of all the noise going on inside and outside of one’s work environment.

Every single thing visible on your computer is grabbing your attention, pulling you in all directions till you are buried under a heap of feeds, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. Your friends and family keep barging in, asking questions or inviting you to go out with them.

It’s time to set things straight and get your work schedule back in order. As you wake up to another day of freelance work, here are 7 ways to be a more productive freelancer:

  1. Give your freelance projects top priority. Your clients expect that you finish your projects on schedule, so unless you want to lose your customers and start hunting for more freelance gigs again, it’s time to give each of your projects top priority.

  2. Set small but achievable goals for yourself. Your main objective is to get things done little by little everyday. Don’t overwhelm yourself with large bulk tasks that you know you can’t do in a single sitting.

  3. notebook task list

    List down your tasks, tick them off after. Every task you check/slash/delete from your task list encourages you to finish off whatever is left. As you slowly tick these off as well, you’ll realize just how much you’ve accomplished, with enough time left for rest, recreation, or other projects.

  4. De-clutter your work space. It doesn’t matter if it is your bedroom, a rented office space, or your kitchen. Just put aside things that don’t contribute to the creative process, that aren’t related to work, and that will only distract you. Don’t forget to keep your desktop organized and clean too.

  5. De-clutter your desktop. Delete unnecessary programs, desktop icons, dock icons, and files that you’d normally save on your desktop. If you can let go of a couple of games or keep your social media clients inside your Programs list, that’s better.

  6. Get rid of all forms of distraction. If you really want to focus, you have to get rid of anything that will pull your attention away. So close those distracting tabs and programs, shut the door, turn off the music, and create an environment that encourages you to work.

  7. Use motivators to help you get things done. Something as simple as your task manager’s alerts can motivate you to finish your work. You can also use your long-term goals, family activities, your clients’ positive feedback, and the like to motivate you to get things done now.

Bonus: Go Pomodoro. With a stopwatch or an actual Pomodoro app, start the timer with 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest.

Of course, you can customize this according to your preferences (e.g. 30m-10m, 1h-20m). Just make sure that you start working as soon as Mr. Pomodor says it’s time to work.

How productive have you been this week? Do you have more productivity tips to share? Go ahead and list them all down in the comments below!