More Tips for oDesk Contractors Working on Fixed Price Jobs [oDesk Blog]

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Personally, I see fixed price jobs as a misunderstood creature in the oDesk marketplace.

It actually has a few advantages over hourly work, but many contractors still feel anxious about it because of absence of the dearly beloved payment guarantee.

I wrote a post a year ago sharing a couple of tips when dealing with fixed price jobs. Today, another post on the topic is up on the oDesk blog that offers more tips for oDesk contractors who are working (or are about to work) on fixed price projects.

Some of the tips you’ll find include making more accurate project estimates, asking for a percentage of the pay upfront, and doing a bit of detective work on your client before accepting his project.

I hope these tips will give you more courage to take on fixed price jobs. Who knows, you might actually enjoy working on a fixed price basis more than working by the hour. ;)

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  1. Hi Stef,

    I tried to find worker to transcribe my Podcast and I haven’t found it in oDesk. Because of that, I go to elance and found a guy who did it for me.

    Anyway, I would like to ask you about the price of a transcription job – Audio to Text conversion.

    I have 3 podcast that need to transcribe. The length is about 2 hours. How much is this for a fixed price? Do you know somebody to work for this job?

    - Felix

    • Hi Felix,

      I’m afraid I can’t give a specific rate or a pricing model since I’ve never done transcription work before. And I don’t know anyone who does this type of work, so can’t answer that either. :( I’ll see if someone on Twitter can answer your questions though. If he or she does, I’ll let you know. :)

  2. I’m always accepting fixed price jobs because in my opinion, it will allow me to earn faster. And besides, hourly jobs made me feel constrained, shackled in my seat. :).

    If you can do things faster, then you can earn more with Fixed Price Jobs.

      • I agree as well. Hourly jobs are great because you’re paid for every hour worked. Fixed price, though you must be good at making estimates, saves you from the evil screensnapping oDesk Team 3. A mix is best. :)

  3. He is one of many oDesk provider, he is from UK but an African national. Sometime is December his account has been deactivated due to some personal issue. All of us under his account was temporarily on hold with our contracts. We are almost 20 employees under that contract, different nationality to be exact. We asked him what happened and he said he will fix that issue ASAP, but it never happened until he offered us to work for him and he will just pay us directly. We do have a constant communication because he was asking us to finish tasks. We had and agreement that he will be paying us every 2 weeks of our job. We started December 2, 2011 – December 16, 2011 which should be send on December 17, 2011. He said there is still one task from one of my colleague that was not accomplished. The task was divided into 2 the first half is mine and the 2nd half is for my colleague, but my colleague was not able to finish the other half and so for me to get my 2 weeks salary I told my provider that I will finish what is not accomplished by my co-worker. As promised I finished the task, my employer promised that he will pay me after December 31, 2011, because Western Union is closed and he said he will settle on January 3, 2012 for that 2 weeks salary. January 3, 2012 arrived but no salary was sent to me. Then one of colleague again did not responded to his messages and he again told me that because of that he will send me the 4 weeks total of my salary on January 7, since he is paying every two weeks. But, before he give me my 1 month salary of $210 I need to get the 7 sim cards first that he sent to my co-worker, so again I did what he asked me to. After that I told him I already got the 7 sim cards. I never stopped working though my salary was delayed, he said though I already have the 7 sim cards he still need all the review of the task I did for 1 month in a spread sheet. Because, I want to get my 1 month salary on January 7, 2012 I finished the spread sheet of all the task I did and I got the 7 sim cards. January 7, 2012 arrived but no salary again, he said he can no longer transfer money because of what my co-worker did with the sim cards, I told him I already have it. He said he will be sending me my salary on next week, and that he was in trouble because of what happened. Again I waited, but no salary has been transferred and that time he was asking me to do some task again, but I ask him about my salary and he said he has a good news for me, that they are fixing the contract in oDesk and that he will be able to transfer my 1 month salary using oDesk on another next week which is from January 16, 2012 – January 21, 2012. I told him this will be the last time I will believe on this agreement and I will take actions on his broken promises. 3 days from now (January 22, 2012) I asked him about the updates of my salary and he said he is busy just email him and he will send my salary this week as what he promised. I emailed him and ask him about the updates but no answer. I pinged him on skype yesterday (January 21, 2012) telling that it’s Saturday now and where is my salary and he is telling me another issue about some documents form my co-worker. Again, he is promising me next week which is not so possible to happen anymore. If anyone of you encounter this person beware of him, because he will just let you believe of his promises and will let you believe of impossible things!!!

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