The Best of the oDesk Blog for 2011

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When oDesk invited me to write articles for the official blog last March, it was a big step forward for my career as a professional blogger/freelance writer.

It wasn’t the recognition nor the pay that got me all excited and giddy. It was the real, firsthand experience of blogging for a big company like oDesk that made the work interesting, worthwhile, and fun to do. In the end, writing with experienced writers and editors, plus meeting and interviewing professionals has been a fantastic journey for me.

Since 2011 is coming to an end, I hopped over to the oDesk blog to pull out the most interesting and helpful articles written and published this year:

By Fellow oDesk Bloggers

First, here are some of the best posts on the oDesk blog by my co-bloggers:

By Yours Truly

Writing for the oDesk blog has been a great experience. These were some of my favorite (and some of my best) articles for 2011:

What were your favorite articles on the oDesk blog? Has the blog helped you improve the way you freelanced this year? Leave your comments and stories in the comment section! 

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    I will read the following post at above later as possible as I can,

    more power‼

    -Steve Abin

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