Ko-kard: An Overview

Due to increasing negative feedback about the Ko-kard service, I’ve taken down this article until further notice. The Freelance Pinoy does not wish to endorse anything that does not work for the Pinoy freelancing community, hence my taking action on this matter. Thanks!

Here are important contact details you can use to reach the Ko-kard company:

  • Official website: http://www.ko-kard.com/
  • Hotline number for users within the Philippines: 045-499-0788
  • Hotline number for users outside of the Philippines: 1-800-626-1081
  • Email: support [at] ko-kard.com
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  • Jeff

    it’s just getting better and easier. Freelancing that is.

  • Alex

    It would be great to sign up for a Ko-kard if you’re working for a long-term client. Since the service is new, I think it would take sometime to integrate the Ko-kard system to us freelancers. However, I’m looking forward to avail their services; I like to fully enjoy the fruits of my labor. Great post, Stef!

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      Thank you, Alex! It’s definitely a viable option for freelancers working for both short- and long-term clients. Imagine the money you can save from withdrawal/remittance fees!

  • pol tarkey

    Great post Stef! m/

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      Thank you, pol!

  • sam

    hello, do u have any news about kokard? it sounds like they have problem. please update us..

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      Hi, sam. What sort of problem? I haven’t been using my Ko-kard for a while now, so I’m not aware of any issues.

    • Terry

      Ko Kard problems? they are incompetent, thats the problem. Funds not available to recipient until 24-48 hours after money sent using credit card. It’s back to W.U. for me..

      • meg

        Is W.U better? I’m really upset with Kokard that I want other options.

  • Mary ann

    i have experience delay of transfer using this ko kard, at first it was understandable but on the second and third time im not happy for their performance, why its should take 4 days before i receive my remittance as it know that it is electronic transfer from my fiancee card to my card. they have to do something to take care of their client, as they said that they are the best way to send money to philippines…..

  • catherine

    i have eperien.ce delay transfer using this ko kard.before its easy now always delay.why take so lang 4 day before receiving..

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with Ko-kard. It wasn’t this difficult when I used it. You can ask their customer support to help you out. They’re usually responsive to problems such as this.

      • Henson

        However, whenever you need to contact them, you have to call Long Distance. You get charged for the call. They are very responsive yes but it costs you. Also, you shouldn’t have to call for help when they are sending the funds as fast as Xoom.

        • Henson

          In fairness to them though, when you send them an email with your phone number, they do call you back… I don’t want to be biased to say there’s nothing good about them, when it comes to providing customer service, they provide an excellent one.

    • coder

      it is just advertising lies, they said faster than paypal, i have transfers made in the same day. actually paypal is much faster and ko-kard is very crappy.

      • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

        Hi coder,

        I haven’t been using Ko-kard in a long while since publishing this post, so it’s sad to hear that you’re experiencing problems. But I do want to clarify that PayPal transfers aren’t made on the same day after processing a withdrawal. You usually have to wait for 2-3 days for your PayPal funds to be deposited.

        • coder

          What I meant is the transfer was made on the same day, sorry for the confusion.
          Paypal would give a date when the transfer would be available in the bank, actually yes 2-3 days and if there is a US holiday it would take about 5 days. Unlike Ko-kard they said 2-3 days they lied about that, transfers would be available 10 days before you can received your funds. So paypal is much faster, a false advertising saying they are faster than paypal.

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    • Henson

      Their service is by far the worst I’ve had. I have been delayed for 6 days now and still haven’t receive my funds on my ko-kard. They advertise that they are faster than Paypal and Xoom, well that’s definitely a lie. They are by far the slowest remittance / funds transfer provider ever. They also said they are cheaper, well they’re not. They charge the same fee as Xoom which is $4.99. Paypal does not charge anything if a US client is sending the transfer.
      Paypal has a tie up with Unionbank through the Eon card system, it only takes 1-2 days before funds get transferred to your Eon bank account. As for Xoom, once the transfer is initiated, you can already receive the funds in your bank account after a couple of hours or pick it up from partner establishments like BDO, M Lhuillier, etc. This is regardless if it’s a holiday or weekend in the Philippines.
      I also did not get a notification when my boss initiated the transfer. I only got an email after I called them and the email arrived just yesterday (5th day). If you need support, you would have to call Long Distance which is charged to your account unless you reside in Pampanga. This service they say take 3-5 business days to process the clearing time with the US bank.
      As a freelancer, it is important to get your salary on time since you have to pay your bills like internet, electricity, etc. Having this much delay is unacceptable and it seems the funds would only be available on Friday which gives me a total of 8 days delay. I regret having to use this service when I could have done it with Xoom. I am very disappointed and I would never use this service ever again and hope nobody experience the same trouble I have and currently experiencing with this service.

      • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

        Henson, I’m sorry to hear that Ko-kard wasn’t a pleasant experience for you. I plan on notifying the people behind Ko-kard regarding the issues; hopefully they will be able to address and solve them.

        Like I said in a previous comment, it’s been a long while since I’ve used Ko-kard as a payment option so I haven’t experienced these issues yet. It could be a recent problem.

  • vanessa


    I just receive my ko-kard last wednesday from LBC and already has withdrawn the funds my client loaded to the card.I am happy becuase i am not experiencing any delays/problems until now. Its my second pay using this ko-kard,,
    Anyway, my question is:
    I have a relative abroad, can they also transfer funds to my ko-kard (the same ko-kard my client has sent to me)?

    Thank you..

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      Hi, vanessa. If they have a Ko-kard account, they can send you funds using the service.

    • Meg

      They’re only fast at first! Bad service after.

  • Markuz

    Hey, Good day, I’m using a Chinabank account (ATM) is it acceptable in KO-KARD? what is the better suggestion?do I have to go to BDO directly to avail the KO-KARD?is it right to go there? my employer just shift for this payment provider,and I really have difficulties in signing up an account?they ask IBAN in which I dont have?Please kindly guide thank you very much..

  • Frederick Lustado

    I just received an email telling that my employer issued me a Ko-Kard. What should I do first? Wait til the Ko-Kard delivered? Or Sending my information to them then the Ko-kard will be delivered? Hope you would reply to my question ma’am.

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef G.

      Frederick, you should receive a notice about it from Ko-kard support. They’re usually prompt about the status of their clients’ cards.

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  • Bobby Gerez

    Can you withdraw your paypal funds to KO Kard? Thanks.

  • Dont waste your time with ko-kard

    Hi stef, pa post lang, labas lang ng sama ng loob.

    Don’t use Ko-Kard if you don’t like to receive delayed payments.


    -What fastest payment are you talking about?
    -aabot pa ng 3-5 days bago ko matanggap ang pera ko.
    -kelangan pa tumawag ng long distance para magfollow-up.
    -kapag tumawag, laging reason is nagback-log ang system.
    -I’ve been using this for months, and wlang panahon na hindi na delay ung payment.

    in the first place, sana hindi nalng kayo nag.exist.
    nakakasira na kayo ng buhay.
    nasisira nyo budget namin.
    pinaghirapan ko yang pera na yan kaya i.deposit nyo na.
    tanggap kayo ng tanggap ng clients di nyo inaayos systema nyo!

    • MamaBear

      I am having the same problem…yung first few transactions ko with ko-kard na rereceive ko yung pera on time. Starting last month ata laging delayed. Sayang ang pamasahe kasi you have to check it from time to time kung may pumasok na. Boo ko-kard!

  • Stacy Macy


    That’s a really nice post — but I beg to disagree. I had the worst money transfer with Ko Kard! My employer tried their service since it’s advertised in OnlineJobs.ph. Unfortunately, it’s now two weeks but I still haven’t received the money. That could have been sent in minutes through Xoom or at least, 3 days using Paypal. Yea, how I wish we could have used these services instead but since OnlineJobs was advertising KoKard, my employer thought that it could have been better.

    Here are the disadvantages of KoKard.

    1. Money takes forever to receive.
    2. You need to call their customer support number, which is btw, a long distance number to get your CARD’s pin
    3. They don’t give you the MPIN – which is a password so you can login online and do online and mobile transfers. They use BDO Cash Card, which has this feature.

    BTW, my employer sent me the money for the victims of the calamity. We are doing volunteer works and our program has to wait for the money to be transferred so we can continue our drive.

    They really need to work on their service.

  • Meg

    I am having bad experiences with Ko-Kard. At first they were fast takes only one or two days to received money but now minimum of 1 week or longer. So upset cause it’s a hard earned money but they’re holding it and maybe making money out of our money. :(

  • George McLean

    My Filipina girlfriend has now been waiting for 10 days to receive her money for Christmas food. It is now Dec 26 and I had to use W Union to get money to her quickly! I have sent 2 emails to ko-kard which have not been answered. There are now 2 transactions pending after the money has been withdrawn from my card account for some time. This has happened many times. Why does ko-kard give no reason for the inordinate delays when they do answer?I would like to keep using ko-kard but I seek some understanding. I am going to send another email now leaving my phone number +610269491507. Call me if you can explain.

    • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef Gonzaga

      Hello George, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulties with Ko-kard. It worked the first time it was introduced, so I’m guessing the effort to maintain the service has plummeted.

      I plan on bringing down the review now that it’s received lots of negative feedback from users.