What Scares You the Most About Freelancing? [Q&A]

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Freelancing has been a blessing for many people for the flexibility and the added income it offers. But the idea of being one’s own boss to rely on can also be scary and frightening to some.

So for today’s Q&A, what scares you the most about freelancing?

Personally, what scares me the most is not establishing a stable flow of work every month. Since freelancers work on a contractual basis, they are not tied permanently to their clients.

Once the project is done, it’s done.

Second to this is when a client decides to cut the project prematurely and only a portion of the agreed project price is paid. Most freelancing experts would suggest a severance fee whenever this happens, but the time spent planning the project and the effort given to bring the project to life are wasted nonetheless.

Let’s hear from you now. What scares you the most about freelancing?

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Founder of The Freelance Pinoy, Stef is a freelance copywriter and blogger who loves writing great content and helping fellow freelancers in their journeys toward success. You can follow her on Twitter @stefgonzaga.


  1. For me it’s not getting paid for my services and the thought that if I don’t find another project soon, I might have to lower my rate. I hate lowering my rate but I do sometimes just to be productive.

  2. Usually before a contract ends, I’ll try to find new clients so that my weekly/monthly income`is stable. With prematurely ended projects, I would say I’m more frustrated than scared. I always want to see the projects I’ve planned put into action so even if the client pays me for what I’ve already done, I still don’t feel fulfilled. I’m not really scared of clients running off. They’re more irritating than scary. I can work for free if I want so I’m not scared of unpaid jobs.

  3. Nothing like the good ole fear of the unknown. Not knowing if pay will be as advertised, not knowing if others will like your work, not knowing if you should be spending your valuable time on something else, so many, hard to keep track. But, of course the flip side could be not knowing how much fun you’ll have, not knowing how much you’ll learn and grow or not knowing which new experience will completely change your perspective or direction in life.

    So yeah, the fear part generally sucks but hopefully one can eventually figure out ways around it, have enough experiences or something, tricks of the trade you could say. Sometimes I play music live and usually get about a million fears running through my head beforehand, feel sick sometimes, but then someone told me that it’s not so bad, it only means you’re still alive. Not that it really helped a lot at the time, other than making me laugh at myself, but what can you do, just keep moving forward, get it done with and keep moving.

    • I love your positivity, Matt! That’s a great way of looking at and tackling one’s freelancing fears. I agree that although there are things that scare the bejeebers out of us, looking at how these experiences pave way for added knowledge, fun, and a new perspective of things can turn these fears into strengths and motivations.

  4. What Matt said!
    Its so “scary” when I think of NOT knowing how a project will turn, especially if its a first-time client.
    I’m actually thinking of a way to still be employed by my current day job boss and also freelance (“almost” full time). I guess this will assuage some of my fears… if it works.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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