Which is Your Favorite Freelancing Marketplace? [Q&A]

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Because let’s face it, most of us began our freelancing careers with a ready-made profile.

Pinoy freelancers work with clients all over the world, people we’ve never met in person or on the internet.

We get our work from freelancing marketplaces like oDesk.com, Elance.com, and Freelancer.ph because everything is already in place. Clients and buyers are already searching for people to hire. They are already interested in looking and paying for online work.

All you need is a good profile, proof of your expertise, and the tools of your chosen service to get started.

I started out with oDesk.com in 2009, and it’s amazing to see how it’s become one of the most popular marketplaces Pinoys flock to find online work. I’ve built my freelancing career through the site that it’s given me the resources I need to extend my business outside of oDesk’s walls.

I’m sure you have a success story to tell about your favorite freelancing marketplace. I’d love to hear about your experience and what tips to offer to those contemplating on signing up as well.

What is your favorite freelancing marketplace? In which site do you go to find freelance work? Which of these sites are the easiest to use and that provide all you need to get work done? How did you succeed in this marketplace?

Photo credits go to all the respective freelancing marketplaces featured in this post.

About Stef Gonzaga

Founder of The Freelance Pinoy, Stef is a freelance copywriter and blogger who loves writing great content and helping fellow freelancers in their journeys toward success. You can follow her on Twitter @stefgonzaga.


  1. Personally, I love oDesk more than anything. It has provided me and my family a good life. Thanks to oDesk, I get to be financially free even though student pa lang ako. Nakatulong din ito para makabuild ako ng sarili kong start up company!!! :)

    Elance is great also, high quality jobs. Pero oDesk pa rin ako, most of my clients as well as my brothers and sister are thanks to oDesk.

    We’ve built our whole income around freelancing and we are so thankful!!!

    Although, there’s still room for improvement for oDesk. They should release apps for Tablets and Smartphones where freelancers can work.

    • add ko na rin:

      I don’t like Freelancer for a bit. Di ko gusto yung UI niya, oDesk is simple to navigate. Elance is the best when you look at their design and functionality but if you want something simple then oDesk is the way to go.

  2. I have accounts on all choices (Odesk, Elance, People Per Hour, Guru and Freelancer) I got clients on all but not on Freelancer as I’m not active on the said site simple because I don’t want the bidding part and the ridiculously low bids of other contractors. I don’t like to compromise the quality of work that I do (I’m on design and graphics by the way).

    My first choice is Odesk because of their simple navigating website, easy to apply and once you gain a reputation, the clients will be the one to contact you. I’ve been with Odesk like almost 4 years now,. The first time I’ve been there, I got scammed on some projects I did, meaning I found clients who didn’t pay me on the work that I did. Others will just criticize me for a reason of not wanting to pay (I guess). Well experiences helped me handle it with respect (for scam clients). Now it improved a lot even the clients but still be on a look-out for legitimate clients and be a responsible contractor as well. On Guru, there are a lot of joyful posters, out of 20 clients, there could be 2-3 who will reply on your application, others will just dissolve on a specified date post expiration. But when clients reply, 60% will be just an interview, 40% serious legitimate clients. Well, Guru’s add-ons could be a little higher on Odesk . On Elance, competition is stiff. Well, I guess there are still “racism” and Westerners got all the legitimate and big clients. Standard is high but it is fine with me as to prove the quality of my work. Payment is also okay. On People Per Hour, also Westerners got the most hiring but though I still got some but their add-ons are really high, and it i not initially included unlike in Odesk. You should consider this, it is like 15% of your total payment. The first time I got a job there, I didn’t realize it and thought it is like Odesk but since my take good care of my reputation in a freelance world, I didn’t ask for additional on my client by shouldered those deductions on my payment.

    I hope a given a nice feedback and tips for other freelancers out there.

  3. Hi Anna:

    Yes, you have given some great tips here in your post. Thank you.

    Myself? –I am just now coming into this field of freelance. Writing / content is to be my initial focus.
    I’ve yet to contact (directly) the infamous Ms. Stef G. about my combing (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Combing) through her blog site here. By the way Stef, I located you via the ODesk site and some of the articles you have published there. Nice job. Very helpful.

    Just a thought. Once I have listed myself throughout the world of freelance this week, I’d love to have a personal file of like-minded people such as yourself, Anna, by which I can call on you if a client also is in need of design and graphics, as you say. A freelance team, if you will. A team of quality.

    Just a thought, yet an area I will strongly pursue once the work begins coming in.

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