Making the Jump from the 9-5: Interview #1 with Leah Gonzalez

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TFP interview leah gonzalez

Welcome to the first installment of Making the Jump from the 9-5: Interviews with Pinoy Freelancers Who Left the Corporate World to Go Freelance, an interview series that tackles the questions and concerns of many Pinoys who wish to freelance, but are tied to their full-time jobs.

The idea behind this series is to hear from true-to-life experiences of freelancers who have transitioned from working as an employee to going solo. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the motivations, challenges, and journeys that brought them to where they are today.

My first interview is with Leah Gonzalez, a freelance writer, blogger, and online marketer who specializes in writing product descriptions, book reviews, and other web writing projects. She’s got a great following as a book reviewer at her blog, White Sky Project.

Learn how she was able to build her freelance writing business after her 8-year stint at a large company in the Philippines.

[mojo_shortcodes_alert style="yellow"] I’m a terrible audio editor, so pardon the awkward volume spikes, weird cuts, and areas in the audio that aren’t clear. I highly advise that you set the volume low first and increase it until both voices can be heard without blasting your ears. Thanks! [/mojo_shortcodes_alert]


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Many thanks again to Leah for her time, and to you for listening to today’s interview! Stay tuned for the second installment this Wednesday.

Do you have questions for Ms. Leah Gonzalez about her journey and her experiences? Have something to say about today’s interview? Feel free to share them in the comments below! 

About Stef Gonzaga

Founder of The Freelance Pinoy, Stef is a freelance copywriter and blogger who loves writing great content and helping fellow freelancers in their journeys toward success. You can follow her on Twitter @stefgonzaga.


  1. Hi Stef!
    Thank you so much for having me over! I’ll be following this series as well. I’m interested to hear from fellow freelancers and learn about their stories. Thanks for doing this series and for letting me be a part of it. :)

  2. Very inspiring. I think freelancing is not for everyone but you wouldn’t really know if you didn’t try. Looking forward to the other stories.

  3. Nice podcast Stef! This post was refreshing in a sense that it made me reminisce the days when I was starting out and it felt like it was just yesterday. I’ll surely watch out for the next installments.

  4. It’s nice to hear how Pinoy freelancers like Leah get to enjoy the experience of working at home. And, yes, someone has to develop good work ethics in order to last in this industry or in anywhere else. Having said that, it’s very important to pick jobs that you really love. Because you might crawl back to a 9-5 job if you only work for money yet hate what you do.

    Congrats Stef for putting this up. There are few technical glitches but they didn’t blur the overall message of the conversation:)

    Looking forward to your next podcast.

    • Thank you Lui! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview so far, despite the technical glitches. My apologies for the not-so-impressive quality. But the upside is that I now know how to edit an audio file using Audacity. ;)

      Going back, financial stability is certainly a driving factor in making this decision, but if driven by your passion to do what you love, you will soon receive both. I’ve always believed in that.

  5. I’m trying to download the transcript and it requires a username and password. Help!

  6. Hi Stef, Love the interview.
    I might be able to help fix some of your audio issues if your interested please feel free to email me – info @

    - Justin The Designer

  7. This interview series is great! An eye-opener for new freelancers like me. Making the jump from a 9-5 job could be rough, but planning and research could make it a seamless transition. Good job, Stef and Leah! You keep me inspired to strive harder.

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