Tune In to Better Work: The Podcast for Filipino Freelancers by Stef Gonzaga and Celine Roque

Better Work Podcast

It’s an exciting day here at The Freelance Pinoy and a momentous one for the freelancing community.

A couple of months back, Pinoy500.com founder Celine Roque and I sat down and talked about what we can do to increase the value that we and our blogs were giving to help freelancers overcome the crippling challenges they face everyday.

Our goal is to raise the bar and empower Filipino freelancers to do better at what they do and reach their freelancing goals. With these in mind, we decided to combine forces and share our best ideas—on air.

I’m happy to share with you Better Work: the podcast for Filipino freelancers who want to do better work, get creative, and make a difference.

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The Secret to Rise Above and Beyond Freelancing Competition Every Time


You know that sinking feeling you get whenever you see over twenty applications to a job post on oDesk or Elance?

Or that moment of ice cold anxiety when you spot a really great freelance opportunity because you’re not sure you’re cut out for the job?

What you’re up against is a tall wall called “competition,” and it can intimidate even the experienced and talented.

You’re standing shoulder to shoulder with other freelancers of different backgrounds and skill levels, and so you feel uncertain and hesitant to approach the client, thinking s/he’d skip you for someone else.

From personal experience, I’ve felt just as nervous and self-conscious as the next freelancer. Before I’d send out my pitch, my mind was wrought with thoughts of failing, of disappointed clients, and of fear that I wouldn’t be able to land more work.

But after taking on several projects and working with different clients, I learned that the secret to rising above and beyond freelancing competition is actually something we have full control over.

Even with a hundred freelancers clawing for the same project, you can step away from all that and position yourself as someone of great value. And yes, clients will notice and will reward you for it.

So, what’s the secret to rising above and beyond freelancing competition?
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Win 2 Annual Subscriptions to Freelancer Magazine


A month ago, I asked the freelancing community over at the TFP Facebook page if they were interested in owning a copy of a magazine designed and written specifically for freelancers.

The response was positive with a lot of great feedback on what should go into its pages. I then got to work on the first issue, which will be free to download.

Take a look at the cover of our very first issue:


Launch day is just around the corner (July 14, 2014) now, so let’s get together for a short social media contest.
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14 Steps to Reset and Relaunch Your Freelancing Business


Have you ever felt stuck, disorganized, and just plain lost because business isn’t doing so well?

You haven’t done any freelance projects for months. You’re hesitant to approach new clients or get back in touch with past clients. You haven’t been making money and you’re unsure how to get the cash flow running again.

And maybe, deep down inside, you’re not 100% confident in yourself and you don’t know if you should continue freelancing or call it quits.

It’s true that even the most enthusiastic freelancer can feel down in the dumps at times, but instead of throwing in the towel, you can take a step back to reset and relaunch your freelancing business.
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How to Join the Competition As a Professional Student Freelancer

join competition student freelancer.jpg

Are you a student freelancer? Are you pissed off that no one hires you because they assume that you lack experience?

Initially, it’s impossible for you not to look and feel small and inexperienced. However, if you market your services wisely, even you can become as competitive as the pros in your field.

Here is my take on how to market your freelance services and join the competition as a professional student freelancer.

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