My name’s Stephanie Gonzaga, a freelance blogger and the founder of this blog.

The Freelance Pinoy started in October 2010 with the goal to provide useful and timeless freelancing tips and advice to Filipino freelancers.

The blog has reached its fourth year in 2014 and has since become one of the leading authorities in freelancing and online work. It’s been recognized by other well-known blogs such as The Write Life and Elance-oDesk, the world’s largest freelancing marketplace. I also got to speak at Freelance Camp Manila 2014, where I got to meet fantastic people with individual dreams and aspirations.

While I had great memories learning and helping the Philippine freelancing community, I’ve decided to go with what my gut tells me to do — to continue growing, exploring, and pushing the boundaries. Deep down, I feel that it’s time for me to move on to other ventures, to focus my energies and efforts on making new work, and to continue making a difference.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to fold up the blog and shut down the email list to focus my time, attention, and resources on new possibilities and creative ventures.

But before that, I want to thank YOU, my readers, for being there since the blog’s early days. To those who’ve shared my posts, who’ve recommended TFP to up-and-coming freelancers, and for simply referencing TFP in your discussions, I’m truly grateful and appreciative!

Thank you as well to the freelancers who have reached out to me and who I’m able to connect with for many years. These relationships I will treasure forever.


I will continue running the site until the hosting plan expires. This will be on January 23rd, 2015.

I want to make the most out of the time left for The Freelance Pinoy though, so I’ve put together the most popular posts on the site and turned them into on-site guides for you to access.

tfp-taxation-guidetfp-online payments


That’s not all!

You can still grab my best freelancing lessons, tips, articles, and resources by buying my products. They’ve helped hundreds of Pinoy freelancers find and land their first client, win freelance work, establish themselves on oDesk, and earn income from online work.


If anything, this is a memorial snapshot of the bulk of my work for the freelancing community. Knowing that many freelancers have experienced incremental improvements due to the blog means freelancers are becoming a strong sector of the country’s workforce.


Moving forward, I’ll be co-hosting Better Work, a web show/podcast for freelancers, with founder Celine Roque. Consider it the new go-to resource on how to do better work as a freelancer.

Subscribe to the Better Work email list or to Pinoy500 to continue receiving great freelancing tips and advice in your inbox.

Saying goodbye to TFP is one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. It’s almost like saying goodbye to a dear friend or a pet that passed away.

But I’m very confident that you’ll continue learning and interacting with the best, especially with more and more freelancing blogs being created this year. Like I said, you’re in good hands.

What matters now is what you’ll be doing today to reach your freelancing goals and achieve the success you want for yourself.


I wish you the best of luck and abundance to flow into your freelancing career.

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Stef Gonzaga