Here’s Your Chance to Grab My 5 Secrets to Rise Above the Fierce Competition on Freelancing Marketplaces


Imagine this: You’ve finished creating your Elance-oDesk profile and have sent 20-30 applications.

One by one, you get reject after reject. Rates are too high, the client chose another freelancer—the list of reasons go on.

How can you, the Pinoy freelancer, rise above the fierce competition and win your first project on the marketplace?

Join me at my first webinar via Google+ Hangouts on Air on September 17, 2014 09:30 PM where I’ll share my 5 secrets to rising above the fierce competition on these platforms. You’ll learn how I got picked out of 20-50 applicants and eventually awarded projects without lowering my rates or spending hours haggling with the client.

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There will be a Q&A session after the talk. If you’d like to actively participate in the discussion, simply leave a comment with your Google email address and I’ll send you an invitation. I’ll be sending invites until I’ve reached the Google+ Hangout limit.

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See you there!

Two Bulletproof Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Two Bullet Proof Ways


That’s what happens to me whenever I face a task, a project, or a problem that I don’t think I’m good enough to handle.

You probably feel this very same fear, these bouts of self-doubt that hit you at different points in your freelancing career.

You think to yourself, ‘I’m not good enough to take on this project. I’m still new at this thing called freelancing!’

You see other freelancers and you’re certain they’re going to get the project, not you.

You’re reading the job description and feel discouraged to pitch because you’re not sure you’re qualified.

At the end of the day, you back out and stick to the sides where it’s safe and certain.

Here’s the hard truth though: this fear isn’t going to go away.

At least, not until you do something about it.

And the first step is to understand why this fear will always be around to haunt us, and why it’s silly to let it win.

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Turning Your Passion into Profit: 7 Freelance Services to Boost Your Income


One of the great things about being a freelancer is how you can offer and earn from various service offerings.

You don’t have to pick just one service; you’re not locked to one type of job or task. In fact, most successful freelancers dip their toes into several markets to make the most of their diverse range of skills.

You may be able to turn a hobby into a freelance service that provides you pleasure and profit, or learn a new skill to add to your current skill set.

If you’re unsure about what to offer as a service to potential clients, I’ve put together 7 freelance services you can offer. Next to each service I include average payment estimations for hourly work to give you an idea how much you can earn.*

Important: My estimations for ‘average hourly rate’ are just that, estimations. Your value in these fields is based primarily on your experience and the individual needs of your clients. You may be asked to do individual projects, or long-term assignments–the nature of your jobs could vary widely case-by-case.

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Tune In to Better Work: The Podcast for Filipino Freelancers by Stef Gonzaga and Celine Roque

Better Work Podcast

It’s an exciting day here at The Freelance Pinoy and a momentous one for the freelancing community.

A couple of months back, founder Celine Roque and I sat down and talked about what we can do to increase the value that we and our blogs were giving to help freelancers overcome the crippling challenges they face everyday.

Our goal is to raise the bar and empower Filipino freelancers to do better at what they do and reach their freelancing goals. With these in mind, we decided to combine forces and share our best ideas—on air.

I’m happy to share with you Better Work: the podcast for Filipino freelancers who want to do better work, get creative, and make a difference.

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The Secret to Rise Above and Beyond Freelancing Competition Every Time


You know that sinking feeling you get whenever you see over twenty applications to a job post on oDesk or Elance?

Or that moment of ice cold anxiety when you spot a really great freelance opportunity because you’re not sure you’re cut out for the job?

What you’re up against is a tall wall called “competition,” and it can intimidate even the experienced and talented.

You’re standing shoulder to shoulder with other freelancers of different backgrounds and skill levels, and so you feel uncertain and hesitant to approach the client, thinking s/he’d skip you for someone else.

From personal experience, I’ve felt just as nervous and self-conscious as the next freelancer. Before I’d send out my pitch, my mind was wrought with thoughts of failing, of disappointed clients, and of fear that I wouldn’t be able to land more work.

But after taking on several projects and working with different clients, I learned that the secret to rising above and beyond freelancing competition is actually something we have full control over.

Even with a hundred freelancers clawing for the same project, you can step away from all that and position yourself as someone of great value. And yes, clients will notice and will reward you for it.

So, what’s the secret to rising above and beyond freelancing competition?
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