How to Withdraw Your Earnings from PayPal to BPI

bpi express - featuredTransferring your PayPal funds to a bank account is a simple 3 to 5-day process that only requires a couple of important details to complete.

By successfully linking your bank account to your PayPal, you will be able to receive your funds in Philippine peso in a matter of days.

This post is going to show you how to withdraw or transfer your earnings from PayPal to BPI, otherwise known as Bank of the Philippine Islands.  If you’re a current BPI savings account holder, all you have to do is follow the steps provided below and you’ll be able to receive your earnings in your BPI account.

Requirements for PayPal to BPI Account Set-Up

  • BPI Savings Account – most freelancers would open a BPI Express Teller card since it’s easy and quick to acquire
  • BPI Bank Code 010040018 – this is BPI’s bank code and it’s needed to identify what bank PayPal is to withdraw to
  • Correct BPI Account details – this includes the correct account name and account number
  • A verified PayPal account – PayPal sets withdrawal limits to unverified PayPal accounts. Visit this post for steps on how to verify your PayPal account.

Make sure that all of the account details are correct to avoid return charges.  A single mistake like a missing number or a misspelled name can lead to a return of your funds, a deduction of P250 from your funds, and delays.

Linking and Withdrawing from PayPal to BPI

If you haven’t already added a bank account to your PayPal account, here’s what you should do:

  1. With your PayPal account, add a bank account by clicking on Profile > Add/Edit Bank Account.
  2. Fill in the empty fields with the bank name, bank account number, and bank code.
  3. Make sure to review the details first to avoid any withdrawal problems in the future.
  4. Click the yellow Submit button.

The next step is to withdraw your funds to your BPI account. If you’d like to read the detailed version of this tutorial, visit An Overview: Withdraw from PayPal to a Philippine Bank Account. For now, here’s how you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account:

    1. On your PayPal account page, click on the Withdraw link.

withdraw to bank PayPal

    1. Click on Withdraw funds to your bank account.

Paypal type in amount to withdraw

    1. Add the amount you want to withdraw from your PayPal account.  Click the orange Continue button to move to the next page.

paypal final stage of withdrawal

  1. Once you are sure that the amount and the rest of your bank account details are correct, click on the Withdraw Funds button to complete the transaction.

Again, make sure that all of the required details are correct, especially your bank name and bank account number.  If you’ve recently had a name change due to marriage, separation, or legal name change, you can send a scanned image of your latest photo ID with your new name and proof of name change to PayPal via their secure form.

Important Points to Remember

  • BPI deducts P150 from every PayPal withdrawal. This may be because the bank is not yet affiliated with PayPal.
  • You’ll know it’s from PayPal if you see the words “credit memo” in the transaction history when using Express Online.
  • If there is a problem with your transaction or if you have questions regarding PayPal withdrawals to BPI, you can call the bank’s hotline at 89-100 or email PayPal via their contact system.



    • says

      Hi Nica! This is actually going to be a series of posts on paypal transfers to different Philippine banks. So far I’ve used BPI and Unionbank EON and will be writing about the latter soon.

      Have you tried using BDO? If yes, would you like to write a guest post w/ a tutorial on how to transfer to BDO? :)

    • Grace says

      Hi! Im having problems verifying my Paypal Account with my BPI express teller debit card. I’m sure it’s not a visa card but no choices for CIRRUS card. Is cirrus and mastercard the same? HOw will I verify my BPI account with Paypal.. I can;t withdraw my money sinces it’s not verified with my card yet. :( Help

      • Aron says

        Grace, I advice you to get eon visa debit card, BPI express teller will not work in paypal, i encounter similar problem like your’s before then my friend told me that i should get eon. believe me BPI express teller will not work there, i’m wondering where the hell they got this above information it is not applicable.

        • says

          Aron, you can use BPI Express Teller to withdraw your funds from Paypal. The only advantage of Unionbank EON is that you can also use it to verify your account since it functions as a debit card as well. But to simply withdraw your funds, a BPI Express Teller can suffice.

          I do not write or publish false information on my blog. Every post about Paypal withdrawals and verification comes from actual experience. I hope this clarifies things.

          • joy says

            what is the account number at bpi account the number at the back or in front…i withdraw money from paypal using my bpi but it is rejected and i dont know what happen because i know my info is the at paypal

          • Marifel says

            Hi Stef,

            I too has a BPI Express Teller International Card. This is the light blue color ATM card. I tried to withdraw money from my paypal account last August 1 and it was not successful. Paypal told me that I have an invalid bank account information. I wonder why my bank information suddenly become invalid when it was verified. Then what I did is I deleted my bank account from paypal and add again, using the same bank details. Then I tried to transfer the funds again but broke down the amount into two so that I have two transactions. Paypal says the transaction is already completed as of August 10. I did the transfer on August 9. Until now, I can’t see it in my bank account. I will wait further till Paypal advises me what happened to my withdrawal. I am anticipating the same response from them (failure of transaction). One thing I am doubting Paypal is that, when you try to check the account number you entered, you can not see the bank details you entered in your paypal account when you enrolled because once you submit it, they do not show it in your profile. You can not really check if what they are saying that the account details you have submitted is correct or not. If they are transparent enough, they should design the transparency of the bank account details you entered to the account holder only. That way I can verify if I am really correct or not. The only thing that show is the last four digits of the account you gave them. I am feeling that there is something wrong with Paypal and not the bank account details. Other wise, please tell me if the card I used can receive funds from Paypal.

          • kid says

            i beliv u can only use bpi to withraw ur ac0unt fr0m paypal so l0ng as your paypal ac0unt is already verified. And the way to very it is by using uni0nbank’s eon, n0t bpi. Am i c0rect?

          • Louie says

            I think the confusion is that there is a BPI Express Teller card with no Mastercard or Visa logo. In which case, this can’t be used. Is there a BPI Express Teller card with a Mastercard logo? How do you apply for it? Because my Express Teller has none and I can’t get passed the “Select Card” field to verify my BPI account in paypal.

    • tesslav says

      It took me more than 2 wks to withdraw money from paypal acct. through my bdo acct. i’m trying right now bpi how long will it take. .

    • Kris says

      Just saw this blog. I’m actually new to using Paypal. Case is I don’t have a credit or debit card to support my Paypal account’s verification. Does that mean that I won’t be able to withdraw any money to my local bank? Are there any possible way to verify my account without having to get a credit or debit card? If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

      • Ben says

        You really need a credit or debit card. Eprepaid cards by BPI are the fastest to get, with 100% approval.

    • says

      Hi Aleah! Yup it is but the purpose of the series is to also let everyone know what information they need to complete the process (bank codes, extra charges (or none), etc), how long it will take to receive their money, and the important numbers to call in case there’s a problem.

      Like in this post, readers will see that they need the BPI bank code and that there’s a P150 charge deducted from their earnings when they withdraw. If they’re having problems with withdrawing to BPI, they can call their hotline number. :)

  1. says

    Stef, I haven’t used BDO kasi when I wanted to link my account, they have no idea what Paypal is and how to link it. I was really pissed that time.

    • says

      Well that’s strange. When did this happen? From my understanding all you need to do is to follow the steps in this post and just use BDO’s bank code, enter your BDO account, and wait for the money to arrive. Some freelancers on oDesk were able to receive money from PayPal to BDO but had to deal with a P200 – P250 charge. They’re one expensive bank. :(

  2. Rey M says

    Hi Stef,
    I have a paypal acount, but I don’t have a BPI account yet. I would like to use my sister’s BPI express teller savings account (we have the same surname), is it possible to transfer fund to her account? Or she should have her paypal account first to use instead in that way I can send her the money? Do I need to verify my paypal account first to fully utilized it( as i have read from some posts)? Or would that be enough?
    Rey M

    • says

      Hello Rey,

      You can use your sister’s BPI savings account provided that the PayPal account it is linked to has the exact same name and bank account details (eg. bank account name and number). So the best thing you can do is to have the money be sent to your sister’s PayPal account, and then transfer the said funds to her BPI bank account.

      Your sister’s PayPal account (if you’re going to use it) should be verified to be able to transfer funds to a bank account. In this case you won’t be needing your own PayPal account unless you link it to your own BPI account. :)

      Hope this helps!

  3. joselle says

    hi! can you use any card (like a payoneer debit card) to verify your paypal so you can withdraw to BPI? i read somwhere na you can do this, pero no confirmation on whether verfication is successful using payoneer.

    • says

      Hi Joselle,

      Yes you can use your Payoneer debit card to verify your PayPal account. From my experience, you should have enough funds in your Payoneer card for both activation and for PayPal’s verification fee of $1.95 (refundable) for your PayPal account to successfully activate itself.

      Hope this helps! :)

      • Jackson de Guzman says

        Good day… I am also trying to link my paypall in my Payoneer but not verified please help me.,I do many time…

  4. says

    hi there steff. Great article. May i ask do i have to open a dollar account in bpi to withdraw from paypal since my paypal has dollar funds and what i have now is bpi savings bank in peso.

    Thanks for your response.

    • says

      Hi Kakashi! Nope, you don’t need a dollar account at BPI to be able to withdraw from PayPal. A regular savings account at BPI is all you need to get your earnings from PayPal since PayPal can now convert your dollar earnings into peso automatically. The only problem a lot of people have with PayPal is the exchange rate, which is pretty low if you’ll compare it to the regular exchange rates at banks and wire transfers.

      Hope this helps! :)

  5. Paypal_newbie says

    Hello! I’m new with PayPal and I’m quite anxious on how to transfer my earnings from the site where I work on to PayPal and to BPI. Is BPI Family bank really affiliated with PayPal? I will be waiting for your input. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi there! As of this writing, the only bank affiliated with PayPal is Unionbank Philippines. If you’re transferring from PayPal to BPI, there’s a P150 deduction because it is a remittance withdrawal. But despite that, the process is easy and very convenient for Filipino PayPal users. :)

      Hope this helps!

  6. Ollevoj083 says


    I have transferred money from my paypal to my BPI account. How long does it take for me to see the money in my bank account?It’s already been 6 days since I sent my money. I’m so worried on this. Please help.

    Thanks A lot!

    • says

      Hello! I’d suggest you contact When exactly did you complete the transaction? Did you check if all your account details are correct? I don’t exactly know what happened that caused the long delay, so I suggest you contact either oDesk CS or PayPal customer service for advice. You can also try contacting BPI about the transaction, but usually that won’t work since they’re not directly affiliated with PayPal.

      Hope this helps!
      Stef G., TFP Admin

  7. Ollevoj083 says

    Hello! Thanks for the immediate respond. As far as I remember, I’ve seen detail in my paypal account that the transaction was completed 2 days after I sent the money. So, does that mean I should start counting from the day it was completed until I see the money in my bank account? And also one concern, I have found out that there’s a missing detail in my name in my paypal account like I missed out to place “Jr”. Could that be a cause of the delay?….Anyway, I have just sent out documents to paypal to change my name but I have no I idea what’s going to happen with my money I sent. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • says

      It must have been the lack of the “Jr.” that caused the delay IF your bank account has the “Jr.” in it. You could try contacting PayPal and ask them to return the funds to you till you’re able to sort the name change out. You will be charged for the error, but at least your money will be returned to you.

      As for name changing on PayPal, they’ll notify you once you’ve submitted all their documents and all are approved by their security team. :) Hope this helps!

  8. Ollevoj083 says

    Hello Stef,
    I’m back again for some queries. I have already contacted paypal CS and she replied that the money has already been transferred and they did not received any problems with the name. I have been suggested to call the bank and when I called BPI, they ask for my personal info and said that they will check my account and let me wait for their call. Until now I am still waiting for their call but haven’t received any. Is that really the kind of service they have? If there has been a problem with my account, why haven’t been paypal or myself informed. I hope you could give me an insights on this and I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks a lot

    • says

      Hello again! Oh no, it’s really a hassle when there are delays, isn’t it? Unfortunately, you’re best bet will be to wait for the call from BPI and to see what you’re next step will be to get your money once and for all. BPI and probably all other banks will give you the same answers because, again, they’re not directly affiliated with PayPal or oDesk to begin with. Might be best to be patient and wait for their instructions.

      Good luck! :)

  9. Ollevoj083 says

    Hi Stef,
    Thank you for the reply. Well, that’s spirit uplifting. I am sure I am not the only person experiencing the same matter. I’ve heard same comments from the others but they eventually get the money even it’s too long alread. It just frustrates me because It’s my first time and I am worried because I will be transferring more funds in the future. Just a question, does Union Bank has faster transaction with paypal? I’ll probably be opening an account there.
    Thanks again.

  10. mary grace panes says

    Good day Stef,
    My dad apply a debit card in BPI Express Teller,is it possible to link or verify it on his paypal account??,,i tried to link my dad’s debit card but it always appear —“This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card”— sorry if i was not matured in knowing that..just confused in the security code because i searched that the right code that have to put is 3digits no. but in the debit card of my dad only have last 2digits…how it may happen??…hoping that you could help me about this.thanks.

    • says

      Hello Mary Grace and welcome to TFP. Unfortunately, you can only link a credit card to your PayPal account. I’ve tried linking my own BPI debit card to my PayPal account and the same warning notice displayed on the screen. It’s best that you apply for a Visa or Mastercard to link and verify your account.

      Hope this helps! :)
      Stef G.

    • Yves George Sanchez says

      hi! i suggest you apply for a smartmoney card. it’s also a mastercard so you can link it to your paypal account. i think the reason why your previous attempt was denied because it was your dad’s debit card. i think it has to match your details for this to work. hope this helps.

      • marivic says

        hi Yves george,i tried that too but its also denied and they respond me to call to the issueing bank,can you tell how you do the transaction using smart money?thanks hope you can share

  11. mary grace panes says

    Hello again,

    Thanks Stef for responding to my message, what are the requirements in getting credit card visa or master card?

    • says

      Sorry mary grace but I’m not an employee of a bank or credit card company so I don’t know the requirements to get one. And my credit card’s a supplementary so it’s my husband who’s went through the process of applying for one. It would be best to contact your chosen bank or CC company for information about that. :)

  12. nishi says

    Hi Stef,

    Just quick questions: is it possible to transfer my paypal balance to my bpi account even if I haven’t verified it? or perhaps, if i link my bpi account it’ll already verified my paypal acct?

    Also, I think I’m used a business and not a personal paypal account coz I made it years ago…I don’t have EON card yet and I’ve read I need to get one to verify my paypal account…so like I mentioned I’m just wondering if I could transfer my paypal money to my bi acct even if I haven’t verified it. TIA



    • says

      Hi nishi and thanks for visiting the blog! No, you can’t withdraw from your PayPal account if it isn’t verified. You can verify your account using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. Hope this helps!

  13. nishi says

    hey Stef, super thanks for the quick reply,.. can i ask more questions though ;D regarding eon card, I’m planning to get one this week, just wondering how long would it take me to get the card, or is it an immediate process…after doing the basic-info-input-sign-blah2-requirements could I immediately have my card? TIA ;D

  14. nishi says

    merci beaucoup!

    am so lucky to stumbled upon your post and blog

    you’re awesome…merci merci ;D

  15. liza marie says

    Hello Stef,

    i am just new with paypal, but had problem…after receiving the money at my paypal account, i transfer/withdraw it to my BPI account…after 12hrs, i received message it has been reversed? or the money sent to me was “held”…just i can’t clearly understand how things just happened to my account? in case you may know problems like this? i have checked the BPI bank code is correct…
    you have mentioned UnionBank EON, how much do they charge for the withdrawals?
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon…

    • says

      Hi Liza! Is the name on your BPI account exactly the same as the name registered on your PayPal account? Errors with names and bank account numbers are the most common reasons why funds are returned/reversed. Try to check again and see if there is a mistake when comparing information between the two accounts.

      Regarding Unionbank EON, you’re not charged for PayPal to bank account transactions. You can read the article on Unionbank EON withdrawals. :)

      • encel says

        hi..pwede ko ba gmitin bpi express teller to verify my paypal account?..laging gntong msg ang lmlbas everytime i try to withdraw “The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.”

  16. Trina says

    “The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.”

    I followed all the procedures you said in here, and this message appears when I try to withdraw an amount. My current balance is 9,595.00. I tried 9,500 until 5,000 but to no avail. :'( Can you please tell me what to do? Thanks!

  17. wezel serrano says

    Hi I have a problem with BPI and Paypal too.
    In that I only have a BPI savings account and ATM card linked with that.
    I cannot withdraw any money at all to my account that means because I have no visa or mastercard to link to my account.
    is there a way around this because paypal is going to become one of my mail sources of income.

    • says

      Hi Wezel,

      I’m afraid there isn’t any other way but to verify your PayPal account with a credit or debit card. You’ll have to apply for one or at least borrow someone else’s credit/debit card just for verification purposes.

      • Abby says

        Hi Stef!

        Is this possible? To borrow someone else’s debit/credit card to verify your account? I am thinking of borrowing my mother’s card, as I have no debit/credit card in my possession just yet–much less, a bank account. Thanks!:)

  18. Ella says

    hi stef. ask ko lang, yung primary currency ba dapat always in USD? meron kase magse-send sa akin ng AUD payment. do i have to add AUD sa paypal account ko? thanks in advance for the reply. :)

    • says

      Hi Ella, I’m not really sure what you mean by adding Australian dollars into your PayPal account. I’m pretty sure you can change your primary currency on PayPal (my husband’s account is in PhP by default), but am not sure how to do so. You can try visiting the PayPal site or contacting their customer support for advice. :)

  19. Jean Krystal says

    Hi there!

    I just want to ask regarding linking a BPI account to PayPal. I did follow your instructions above (by the way, It was very helpful. thanks!) but after I entered my withdrawal amount it would get an error that says “The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.” and below it is Remaining monthly limit: 0.00 and there’s a link beside it and when I clicked on the Lift this Limit link, It says that I need to verify my account by adding credit/debit card. So what am I going to do next? what do I have to do to get verified? do I have to add another debit card again? and what type of card is BPI express teller? thanks.

  20. DOLLY says

    I’m really struggling about this.. I have PayPal, i have eon card, why is it that my status in PayPal is still unverified? when I click “Continue” button to confirm my card, I always got an error that says “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”
    I login in my Eon Cyber account in and recheck my billing address, They have same billing address with my PayPal. Anyway, When I got my Eon card, i just deposited 100 pesos but now, it has only 86 pesos left. Every time i open Cyber Account, they are deducting 1 peso..

    • says

      Hi DOLLY,

      I’m not sure what you mean. You should be able to verify your PayPal account with Unionbank EON since the latter is a debit card. Make sure that it has enough funds as PayPal deducts (and refunds after) a certain amount for verification. From your description, it sounds like you only added Unionbank EON as a bank account and did not use it to verify yet.

  21. says

    Php 150.00 per transaction is a total rip off, considering that Unionbank is charging Php 50.00 for the same the same. However, Unionbank is becoming a pain in the ass lately because they keep your money as long as they can.

    For many many months, withdrawing on Fridays means you get your money on Monday at 6pm. But, now, you get the next day – Tuesday. The money is always credited after 6pm ever since, and this sucks!

    In short, if you want to get your money within the same week, withdraw it on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ONLY. If you withdraw it on Thursday and Friday, you get it the following week.

  22. einin says

    i agree with MACOY….UBP is such a pain in the ass right now…lot of complain…we do some withdraw by august 5 and yet until now they still not yet credit our money,,,and they told us that it still not yet credited by BANK of AMERICA..its sooo suck…

    they said 5-7 working days..and yet there are times they can make it by 1-2 working days 3 is the maximum….but now they keep telling to us that bank of america not yet credit it to them…how come…

    ill think about the BPI withdrawal…if its easier than UBP i will go with BPI…

  23. Chinggay says

    Hey Stef,

    Great guide you got here! I used to have an EON when I was doing freelance work full-time and stopped using it after I began focusing on office work. I now have a freelance gig that requires me to use my Paypal once again and am looking to use my BPI account for withdrawals instead. Good thing I happened to come across your guide since I did not know whether or not BPI can be used for Paypal. Thanks! :)

    • says

      Hey Chinggay! Thanks and am glad that you found the post helpful. It’s funny ‘coz I just edited this a couple of hours ago by adding the screenshots into the guide. 😉 The best of luck to you and your new freelance gig!

  24. regina mora says

    hi there im new to paypal also, i just want to ask if i can transfer money from my paypal account to my bpi express teller account..i dont have even logos of visa or what in there and no validity of the date too, but when i ask there at the bpi they said i can transfer,. i really dont know what to do, hope you can help. really thank you.

    • says

      Hi, Regina. I’m not quite sure what your question is about, but if you’re simply wondering if you can transfer PayPal funds to your BPI Express account, you most certainly can. The post you commented on enumerates the steps on how to do so.

  25. wezel serrano says

    helllo here is an update on what happen to me with BPI and paypal. after several attempts with both bpi and paypal i had to open a different account.
    I have now got an account with Union Bank and one of their EON card accounts. the process was quick and easy and I got my EON card very Quick once that was linked to my paypal account and with new bank account number everything is now flowing ok with monet taking about 3 days from paypal to the account,
    to verify the card you need to have 100 php in the account so they can use that to know the card is yours they send a code to your account and you type that in at paypal then they refund the 100 to the paypal account. as far as i can see there is now way for withdrawing to bpi that is why I change banks and now all is fine. I hope this helps any one who have difficulties getting their money.

    • says

      I’m sorry to hear that BPI didn’t work out for you, but you certainly can withdraw your Paypal funds to BPI. Plenty of freelancers (including myself) have done so many times and each one was successful. Maybe you overlooked an important step or your bank details weren’t correct?

      But anyway, I’m glad that Unionbank EON has worked well for you. :)

  26. Paul P. says

    Hi, I have a BPI express teller card International. Can I use this for paypal? Where can I find the 3-digit security code and the expiration date. My card doesnt have an expiration date. Please help.

  27. Mark says

    Hi there.

    Is it possible to use a family member’s credit/debit card (in this case, my father’s) instead of my own to verify my paypal account?

  28. nicca says

    hi.. i tried to link my bpi express teller international to my paypal account it was succesful, but i cant verify it.. what to do? please help..
    I cant withdraw my funds from paypal to my bpi account.

    • Paul P. says

      Hi Nica,

      I had the same problem weeks before. The BPI express teller international card can be linked as a bank account but cannot be used to verify your paypal acct because it is not a credit or debit card. If your card doesnt have a visa, mastercard, american express, or discover logo in front of the card, it cannot be used to verify your account.
      I applied for a unionbank EON card at a branch near us. Its only P350 annually. I had my paypal acct verified yesterday. Here’s the online application if there’s a EON pick-up branch near you:

      • nicca says

        thanks a lot paul.. I was about to call BPI regarding this.
        but i think i need to give up. so in this link I can apply online, and pick it up?? Is it possible? I’m not also sure If there’s a unionbank near here.

        thanks for your reply.
        Godbless you..:)

        • Paul P. says

          Yes. You just have to fill-up the online application but first look for the list of pick-up branches. See if there is one near you. It doesnt have to be near actually. If you can travel to that nearest pickup branch, you may apply to that branch. Read the instructions before you apply, to guide you what to do.
          In my case, the nearest pickup branch is pampanga. Im from olongapo. It’s pretty far so i just decided to apply to the unionbank in olongapo (this is not an EON pickup branch, just a regular branch). You may apply to the nearest non-pickup branch near you also. But it will take 5 days. In my case, I called to the bank the 4th day and its already available.

          • nicca says

            hi paul, I did your advise, and thank you so much. I have my card now. and everything is okay now. thank you.

  29. Mark says

    Hi Stef,

    So, among the Banks affiliated to Paypal which would you recommend in terms of charges and service ^_^ thanks Stef ^_^

    • says

      BPI all the way for me, but they’re not affiliated with PayPal. Unionbank is the only bank in the Philippines (so far) that is affiliated with the service, which is why there are no fees when making transfers from Paypal. :)

  30. Joy says

    Hello Stef I’m Joy, I’m very sorry for disturbing you but I’m just curious because I’m using EON for almost two years when I withdraw from PayPal.

    Now I have my BPI Family Atm Card, since I have a verified credit card number from EON, can add my BPI to one of my bank accounts?

    Lastly, EON doesn’t charge for withdrawal unless I withdraw below P7,000. How about BPI?

    Thank you in a million times.

    • says

      Hello, Joy. Sorry for the late response. :) I’m pretty sure you can add BPI to one of your bank options when withdrawing your funds from PayPal. And as stated in the post, you only have to pay P150 remittance fee when withdrawing funds more than P7,000.

  31. marc says


    how much will it costs me to upgrade my withdrawal limit from paypal to bpi? cause the current minimum limit right now is only 500php which sucks.


  32. Deeroy says

    hello Stef, how to link my BPI easy saver card to paypal. The problem is I think this card is not a debit or credit. Is it possible to link it? and i found the security code on my card has only 2 digit. Please help! Thank you..

  33. bogs says

    hi ! i have a BPI express teller (international) and that’s what I’m trying to use to transfer funds to from my PayPal, however whenever I try to, given following your instructions,I get this error message “The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.” and then it encourages me to link a debit or credit card into my PayPal, i cant using my ATM because its not VISA nor MASTERCARD, doesnt have expiry dates and security codes, hope you can help me. THANKS!

  34. says

    Thank you for this steff,I am very worried about my paypal because it is not verified but I put my BPI bank account.can i still withdraw the funds on my paypal even if I am not verified? I am hoping for your response on this matter.

  35. Jo says

    Hi Stef, i added my Bank account to Paypal, I’m using BPI,
    How can i verify my account.

    Do I need to verify my account to use paypal effectively ?

  36. says

    Hi Stef,

    I’ve been withdrawing paypal funds into my BDO account for the past year and have had no problems except for the P200 transaction fee (boo!). My paypal account is verified (I used my BDO ATM card to do this). Since BPI charges less than BDO, I’d like to withdraw funds into my BPI account from now on. My question is, do i need to go through the verification process again using a BPI credit card?

    Thanks so much for your help!


  37. mespahren says

    Hi Steff, i would like to ask if how to withdraw from paypal to my bpi account. i tried to withdraw it through bpi, but this “limits” don’t allow me to withdraw it.. and the next thing is, they will ask for credit card number which i don’t have, do you have any inputs about the problem that i’m going through?thanks

  38. Jed says

    Hello I am a student 16 years old. And do not have a bank account. I am wondering what BPI Bank accounts should I ask my mom to open up for me to be able withdraw my funds in paypal? I dont think I’ll be able to get a BDO Eon account as I do not have a drivers license, or passport, as I saw the req. on their website. Does the BPI express card work on paypal?

    Thank so much.

  39. Marvin says

    Hi Stef,

    I have a paypal account, i want to use BPI Express Teller Account of my friend,
    It’s that ok?

  40. Adrian says

    Got an Eon and a BPI account, but still unverified. Can I use my Eon to get my Paypal verified THEN withdraw to my BPI?

    • Marvin says

      Yes Adrian, you can, its possible. I’d used the same way before. Once your paypal account was verified you can use your BPI.

  41. GioJoe says

    Hello po! My problem with transfering funds from paypal to BPI is that when I try to verify by adding my debit card, it pops up an error. What should I put in the card type po ba? Yung expiry date? hinde kasi nka indicate ang expiry date dito. at ang security code talaga bang last three digit ng account number ko? Thanks

  42. Christine says

    Hi Stef! Great and very helpful articles for us PayPal newbies. I have a question though. I’m planning to open a PayPal account using my BPI CC then withdraw my funds through BPI SA.

    However, I’m also planning to get an Eon card. Is it possible to change the withdrawal account from BPI SA to Eon? Thanks for your input and kudos to this blog!

    • says

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for the comment! Using your BPI CC and withdrawing your funds to your EON account is possible since it also functions as a savings account.

      Hope this helps!

  43. Shaira Torres Macias says

    Hi steph, I am trying to withdraw my funds and i did exactly what you suggested. But my limits are at 0.00 and its says that i have to lift my limits. I have to use a debit or credit card to do this I dont have a credit card. I only have my BPI express teller card. So, what am I going to do? help please

  44. kristine says

    Hi Ms.Stef tatanong ko lang kung papaano nawiwithdraw yung credit memo sa BPI? hindi ko kasi sya mawithdraw through atm machine,? any suggestions? pwede kaya over the counter ko sya kunin? thanks

  45. Era says

    Hello Stef,
    Im new with paypal. Im a bit confused on how it works. If I am working online and wants to get my payment through paypal, how will I tell the employer and what are the things I need to provide them?- does the paypal has it’s own account number that I am going to give to anyone who I wish to send me through my paypal? coz I don’t think it will make sense if im going to give them my Bank account number or credit card number that are registered in my paypal. And I don’t think telling them to pay me through paypal without giving any important info will complete the transaction.

    Please help me..

    Thanks a lot

    • says

      Hi, Era. You only need to give your PayPal ID (the username/email address you use to sign in to PayPal) for your clients to pay you. :)

  46. Mark B says

    Hi Stef,
    This is most helpful. Thank you.
    I’ve read all the posts and I am curious, you answered “BPI all the way” as best in terms of charges and service. Any specific reason? I have a BPI account already but as said in the posts, Union Bank charges the lowest amount but have quite a few complaints.

    • says

      Hi, Mark B. Unionbank charges the lowest when using PayPal as your withdrawal method. But if you’d like to take advantage of oDesk’s LFT, BPI is the best choice since there’s no remittance fee when withdrawing. I also prefer BPI because the fees to maintain the savings account and withdrawing from ATMs is relatively less compared to Unionbank.

      But of course, you can always choose to go for Unionbank. Just weigh out your options and go for what suits you best. :)

  47. natz says


    I have a problem regarding with my BPI EXPRESS TELLER CARD. How can I withdraw my earnings in paypal? My account in paypal is limited because I didn’t add debit/credit card on it. I only have BPI EXPRESS TELLER but paypal says that it should have VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER to connect with paypal. But mine only have CIRRUS LOGO at the back of my BPI EXPRESS TELLER. Does CIRRUS connected with paypal? How can I add debit card using my BPI EXPRESS TELLER?

    Hope you can help me with this.

  48. Rey says

    Wondering if anyone here has withdrawn their PayPal funds going to a BDO account. The passbook on the account states 10 digits which I used. When i tried BDO online they had a 12 digit account number with 00 at the start. Will this cause delay or will my withdrawal be returned. Anyone who knows the answer, please help.


  49. krystle ann cabarles says

    hi Steff,

    need some help. I alreday set up my account in paypal and linked my BPI saving account to it. Anyway, I have funds I tried to withdraw it but it says: “The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.”

    Can you walk me though the step by step process to transfer my funds from Paypal to my BPI acct? Or shall I get an EON account?

  50. Melissa says

    Is it possible to the transfer, the other way around? I have a BPI card and I’d like to transfer money to my paypal account. Is that possible? how? Thanks!

  51. Joey says

    Hi stef, I verified my paypal using my BPI credit card. I also have a BPI account. If I withdraw, can I deposit in my bank account and not my credit card?

  52. Joel says


    How do I link my atm card to my PayPal Account? Because all I see is the card type which is MasterCard, VISA, etc. I can’t seem to find debit or credit. And where can I locate my BPI card security number?

    Thank you very much in advanced.

  53. jeshyl says

    hello Stef

    you mean one can only withdraw fund from BPI express teller but cannot use it to verify on paypal?
    I really had got trouble on transferring my account to my BPI because it wasn’t being verified yet. I only have BPI ACCOUNT is there anyway I can verify my paypal account using only BPI?

  54. Jera says

    Hi po :)

    I’m just new in paypal. Kapag napasok ko na po ba sa debit card yung money na winidraw.. papasok lang yun dun? Do I still need to go to BPI after that? sorry po first time lang eh. :p hehe. please help me.. thank you po. :)

  55. Berkxz says

    hi stef is BanKO of BPI and GLobe is usable for paypal transaction? ANSWER ME PLEASE THANKZ

  56. Joy Lucero says

    Hi stef! :) I just want to know if i can open a paypal account using my BPI Easy Saver Savings Account? I’m confused cause there’s no visa nor mastercard logo in there. I’ll wait for your response. Thanks..

    • says

      Hello, Joy. You can register for a PayPal account with or without a bank account. The only time it will come into the picture is when you link it to your PayPal account for funds transfers. In that case, I believe you can use BPI Easy Savers so long as you have the right PayPal bank code.

    • says

      Hi, Diyords. My guess is that as long as the current account is under BPI Express and not BPI Family Savings or any other subsidiary, the same process applies. You might want to try a small test transaction with someone who has a PayPal account first just to see if the process works the same way.

      Re: bank codes, the blogger’s case is probably a special one, although I find it surprising considering that the post was dated two years ago. I use PayPal to withdraw to my BPI account since 2009 and up to this day (the bank code I use is 10040018) I never had any problems with the process. If you feel you need more confirmation, you can take a look at other articles that talk about the steps to verify and link a bank account to PayPal. :)

      Here are two links:

  57. Ryan says

    Hi ms. Stef
    Do i need to verify my paypal account first? before i can withdraw to my BPI Express Teller card? Please Reply Thank you.

  58. Nona says

    Hi Ms Stef, just wanna ask im a new user of BPI Express Teller (International) and im adding it to my PayPal Account, in the info sheet it ask for Bank Code which is 9 digits and the Account Number wich is 1-16 digits. Wich is wich? The numbers infront of the card, is yes 16 digits but the numbers at the back is not 9 but 10 digits. So what will i put in every boxes, which one is the Bank Code and wich one is the Account Number? Just confused, thanks…

  59. tim says

    Hi Steff,
    Regarding the verification of the PayPal account, Can I use my moms Citibank Credit card?

  60. gene says

    Hi miss stef,
    Is BPI and BPI family savings bank uses the same bank code? Like the one you’ve posted? I’m just confused. I used the other BPI bank code, 021000021.

  61. cha says

    hi stef is it really possible to withdraw USD money from paypal to a bpi savings account?! i have read lots of blogsites that you can only withdraw USD if you are in United States?..

  62. cha says

    ok how about the bank name and bank using bpi savings account…what is the bank code for bpi family savings??and the exact bank name that i put there?! so confuse sorry :(

  63. Darwin says

    Hello Miss Stef,

    I have this issue of lifting my monthly limit(withdrawal) and to lift my limit I need to verify my paypal account.

    It says “Confirming your credit/debit card is a PayPal security check which lets us know your card is in your possession. We call this our Verification process.”

    Unfortunately BPI is not included to their Card type selection.

    Pls help Miss Stef

  64. Lisbeth says

    hi i’m wondering if it’s better to withdraw your funds directly from your PayPal account to BPI than have PayPal convert first your $$$ and then have it transferred to your BPI account? or is it still the same? sorry if i may confuse you :)

  65. says

    Hi Stef, on average, how many days does it take Paypal transfer money to your BPI account? After 2 days, mine says that it has been “completed” already in Paypal but it is not yet reflecting on my BPI Express Teller, is that normal? Then I have to wait for 2-3 more days to make the “3-5 business days” that you were saying in this post?

    Thanks, your post has been helpful by the way. :)

  66. Joy says

    I have a problem regarding with my BPI EXPRESS TELLER CARD. How can I withdraw my earnings in paypal? My account in paypal is limited because I didn’t add debit/credit card on it. I only have BPI EXPRESS TELLER but paypal says that it should have VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER to connect with paypal. But mine only have CIRRUS LOGO at the back of my BPI EXPRESS TELLER. Does CIRRUS connected with paypal? How can I add debit card using my BPI EXPRESS TELLER?

    Hope you can help me with this.

  67. jp says

    Hi Stef!

    Thank you for posting this topic. I have a current (checking account) with BPI under my company name. You mentioned that it should be a savings account. If I open a business account in paypal would I be able to verify and later withdraw my paypal funds to my BPI CHECKING ACCOUNT?

    Thanks and More Power!

  68. says

    Stef, I just want to ask, is there a fee adding a BPI account to Paypal? When I want to add account, Paypal reminded me of the return fee of Php 200.00. What does that mean?

    BTW, a very helpful post, now I know where to withdraw my Paypal money as long as I am clarified with that return fee.


    -John S.

  69. Kenneth Requina says

    Hi ma’am Stef. I would like to ask if what bank has a lesser withdrawal fee.
    My father’s BPI account is already linked to my PayPal account but still my PayPal account is unverified. How can I verify it? Should I add a credit card?
    Thank you.

  70. rienne says

    hello Stef, I just want to ask, i have a bpi Easy Saver, i want to add bank acc. it to may paypal its that possible? i already verified it using eon card… thank you

  71. Alex says

    I’m don’t think it is possible to withdraw money with Paypal using an BPI Expess ATM account. I have been trying to find a way to do so but to no avail. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET VERIFIED WITH A BPI EXPRESS ATM ACCOUNT WITHOUT A VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX OR DISCOVERY LOGO.

    NO VERIFICATION, NO WITHDRAWALS. It is as simple as that. Please try and prove me an idiot so I can finally use my card to withdraw funds from Paypal. Thank you.

  72. Alex says

    You can withdraw to your BPI account. But if it is the only bank account you have, say a BPI Express ATM card, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW WITH IT BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VERIFY YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT WITH IT. It is as simple as that. Reading through the comments, it would seem as if this article is a bit misleading since it hints that one can go about Paypal transactions with using only a BPI account. The CAVEAT about the requirements for a VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX OR DISCOVERY logos to verify the Paypal account should have been emphasized since the BPI Express ATM card only has a Cirrus logo.

    • says

      I’ve added this important detail to the list of requirements before linking and withdrawing from PayPal to BPI. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Flancer says

      Obviously you can’t withdraw your paypal funds straight to your BPI Express teller without verifying your paypal account first. And the only way to do that, is to use a credit card (which I’m sure most of the people commenting here doesn’t have) or apply for a UNIONBANK EON CARD. This EON account is the only ATM/Savings account that can be used to verify your Paypal account here in the Philippines… other than credit cards.

      Now after the verification process has been done, your EON card will be ready for withdrawals, and if you like, you can also add other bank accounts to your Paypal, which you can also use to withdraw your funds. Simple as that. This post shows how to withdraw funds to BPI, and doesn’t teach how to verify you paypal account. Title is not misleading, if you only have a bit of common sense, you’ll get what she said. I have been doing this for years.

  73. janet says

    gud day!
    i have a question about entering bank name in the paypal
    i use bank of the philippines island (BPI)
    so what bank name can i use?
    is it bank of the phlippines island or BPI only?

  74. anila abhay says

    I am using Smartmoney card for my Odesk LFT. And has P200 deductions from the bank when you transfer earnings. I have heard this BPI Globe Banko. It’s easy to apply for the card. But I am not sure if I can transfer my odesk earnings to this BPI Globe Banko and if how much is the withdrawal fee. Anyone have an idea or have tried using BPI Globe Banko for Odesk LFT? Thanks.

  75. Andrew says

    Hello Stef,

    I just want to clear things with you, here’s the situation my paypal account is already verified then i withdraw it on my BPI Express Teller International ATM Card filled up with the correct information with bank code 010040018 my question is am i able to get my money through ATM Machines?


  76. margobang says

    i made 1200 usd withdrawal but i didnt receive :(
    thought the pay told me the they had completed the process
    thats a very big amount
    please help me :(

    • Patricia Arceta says

      Hi. Yes. You just have to enter the account details. Go to profile ->My Money ->Click update/add on bank account. You just have to fill out the information requested.

  77. oliver says


    while my paypal is still on verifying process I want to ask a questions that I might be asking later before transfering money from paypal to BPI.

    My name on the profile screen on paypal is complete firstname, “complete middle name” , and complete last name. BUT!! the details on my BPI Express Teller is complete first name, “middle initial”, and complete last name.
    Does the difference of middle name on paypal and middle initial in BPI card. Would that have any bearing, I mean would that cause me trouble?

    and follow up to that if ever it happened how am i going to fix it. First fixing the details, second returning the money to paypal.

      • kie says

        i have the same dilemma! Although My account is not yet verified coz I’m scared to link it to my BPI my ePrepaid. Was the middle name vs middle initial a trouble in withdrawing money? If it was, how did u fix it?

  78. Wrique says

    Where can I find my Bank statement for BPI? Because Paypal requires a 4digit paypal code??

    This is the entire statement of paypal when I was trying to withdraw my money..(read below)
    “You need to enter the 4-digit PayPal code from your debit or credit card statement before you can withdraw funds to your bank account.”

    I already have a debit card which is already done registered in paypal…

    I just need to know where can I find the bank statement. I already searching in BPI online address for that bank statement.
    please reply soon. Please help me

  79. says

    hi, i just want to thank you for this post.. i should have read this before i withdrew 500.00 php.. hehe 300.00 lang tuloy nareceive ko sa bpi.. dapat mga malakihan ang withdraw para di sayang yung 150.00(bpi service charge) and 50.00 (paypal charge for minimum withdrawal).. thanks again…

  80. me says

    Hi Stef, I just got my BPI ePepaid card today and to my shock, based from ePrepaid FAQs (, I cannot withdraw money from my paypal account
    “… Can I withdraw my funds from PayPal by transferring funds to my card?
    No. You can only use your My ePrepaid Card to fund your PayPal account for purchases, but not to withdraw PayPal funds….”

    I did my research and they say otherwise. I chose BPI instead of UnionBank because BPI is more convenient to use, (BPIExpressOnline, Real-Time Deposit, etc.).

    I just had my first freelance project and I’m a little lost right now. If I can’t use my BPI ePrepaid to get my money from PayPal as cash, then the 500 pesos joining fee will be all for naught! T_T

    • says

      The BPI ePrepaid card is only to verify your PayPal account and to supply funds in case your PayPal funds are insufficient. For example, if you’re buying an item online worth $300 and you only have $250, your ePrepaid card funds will supply the $50.

      So to withdraw your funds from PayPal, it goes back to the basic requirement, which is a bank account to deposit the funds to. You can use any bank account so long as it has a bank code recognized by PayPal.

      Hope this clarifies things!

  81. sherbet says new bpi express atm cant be linked to my paypal account because it doesnt have any 3 digit or 4 digit security code like visa cards and mastercards and no expiration date..

  82. says

    Hi Stef!
    Thank you for this article. It’s very helpful. By the way, I have a question, how do I remove the “widrawal” limit from my account in Paypal. I already linked my BPI account with Paypal but I notice that there is a withdrawal limit. I don’t have a credit card as of the moment. By the way how much is the limit for withdrawal in the first place?

    God Bless and more power to you!
    Kim Anthony

  83. Maan says

    Hello Stef,

    Paypal says transfer of money to bank accounts usually take 2-4 business days, right? May I ask how long it actually took before you could withdraw your money from the bank? Thank you!

  84. Jenny says

    Hello Stef!

    I usually withdraw my funds from Paypal to BPI on Tuesday night/early Wed morning and they are usually credited to my account by Thursday night or Friday morning, latest. However, for twice this month already, I’ve noticed that funds don’t come in until the very day that is stated on the Paypal message. (i.e., Monday)

    Would you know if BPI is experiencing remittance delays this month? Is there anyone else here who has experienced a similar problem?

    Thank you!

  85. Shey says

    Hello, Just want to ask which one is the right account account? Is it the one at the back of my BPO Express teller card or the last 10 digits infront of my card? Thanks!

  86. gisele ricafranca says

    good Pm, I am having problems with my withdrawal with paypal to BPI because my ATM card is a savings account and without the mastercard / visa logo. i read previously same problems encountered by others and have not seen answers from their queries. My paypal money is a gift money and what hurtens me is that i cant get it cause of the hard time with paypal can i get the money through BPI ATM since i dont have other card. as i do the step by step it says greater withdrawal….cant link and confirm….pls. enlighten me with a good answer on how to get my money from paypal transferred to BPI.

  87. gisele ricafranca says

    i still have not withdrawn my money cause of the card issue….BPI expressteller card doesnot have mastercard/ visa logo…how can i link it to withdarw my gift money…no answers from all my quaetions yet…..

  88. gisele ricafranca says

    pls. give a concrete answer my problem is simply….the BPI card is expressteller card….no mastercard / visa logo…..i dnt have other cards ….though i have done the step by step process in withdrawal but it always says greater withdrawal limit… and confirm…..and so on…my card has no expiration date and security code… how can i withdraw the gift money transferred to BPI….

  89. gisele ricafranca says

    if i am going to use a friend’s credit or debit card from BDO can it be possible to withdraw my money? she has a BDO card…how can i add that in my account and transer or withdraw my money from that account?pls help cause the money is actually a gift money.

    • emon says

      hi ms. gisele. as i analized your problem am i right that u cant add or link your bank account on paypal? im trying now and see if i can get a withdrawal using my bpi express teller card w/out the master card or visa logo on it.. if im successful i will update it here..

  90. Ramil BAstasa says

    Hello! I ask you something about paypal.I add my BPI account in Paypal and succesfully finish.My question is…can I use my BPI account to verified my paypal account.My BPI card is debit card but theirs no mastercard logo but I have a smart money card. Can I use my smart money card to verified my account in paypal?please…

  91. Martin Cosme says

    My name at Paypal is Martin Cosme only.
    However, the name registered on my bank BPI Express Teller Card is Martin Cosme where lets assume that my whole name written on the card is Martin Amorsolo F Cosme.
    During the “Add Bank” process, I deliberately added “Amorsolo” on the textbox. Will that be ok?
    And will that be ok without my middle initial?

    • Martin Cosme says

      By the way, I use BPI Express Teller International. No visa logo but it has cirrus logo at the back and I believe it is still ok.

    • Martin Cosme says


      “However, the name registered on my bank BPI Express Teller Card is Martin My2ndName MyMiddleInitial Cosme where lets assume that my whole name written on the card is Martin Amorsolo F Cosme.”

      • says

        Hi Martin, what’s important is your first and last name is exactly what is used to register your bank account. You can do a test withdrawal to see if it would work. If you aren’t sure and you don’t want to take the risk, you can confirm with PayPal customer support.

      • kie says

        Hi. I would be glad if you could share how you troubleshot it cos I have a somewhat similar scenario to yours. On my paypal account I have: First name, Middle name, last name while on my BPI myPrepaid card I have First name, Middle initial and last name.
        Hopefully only the first and last names are the factors in linking to bank accounts.

  92. Odessa L. says

    Hello. Meron akong Paypal account. Ano bang BPI Account ang pwede gamitin to fund and withdraw paypal account?

  93. says

    I just wanna ask do paypal accept money in paypal account without cards

    cause im thinking to save the money in paypal before i use cards for cash out

  94. rye says

    pano po magagamit sa verify ung bpi express teller ..kung wala naman sya nkalagay na logo ng visa or mastercard ?

  95. Louwill Bongabong says

    ito na po ba ang code na gagamitin sa lahat ng barnch ng bpi na code? 010040018 ?
    ano po ilalagay sa 16 digit na account number sa bpi, eh 10 digit lng ang account number? yung 16 digit ba na sinasabi ay yung sa front ng atm card na 16 digit?


  96. Zheia says

    Hi steff,

    Just wondering diba sa paglink ng account ung account number ang ilagay instead sa card number? sa akin kasi nalink naman xa and verified ilagay ko sa card number eh ung card number talaga ng eon debit card. Ilang days ba bago ko mawithdraw yong money ko sa paypal simula nong time na naverified ako? thanks

  97. Jan says

    Hello ask ko lang mag wiwidraw sna po ako galing sa paypal ko at wala pa po akong bank mag aaply sna ko bukas pra makuha ko ano po ba mas maganda Eon sa union o bpi dko pa po kasi alam kung saan ako mag aapply at anung card ung dpat kong i apply

  98. Daren says

    Hello, Stef. Just linked my BPI account with PayPal. The only prob I have is I can’t withdraw my money because my account is not yet verified. I tried to verify it using RCBC’s mywallet card with a VISA logo on it but that failed too. Does anyone here knows how to verify a PayPal account using RCBC mywallet card? I’m quite frustrated.

    • says

      Hi Daren, I’m afraid I can’t help since I’ve no experience with RCBC’s mywallet card. Hopefully other readers with experience will be able to respond.

  99. glenn says

    Hello Stef. I already linked my bpi acct with paypal. The withdrawal was also confirmed after 3 days. The problem is I can’t withdraw it. I had it checked at the bank and I found out the amount is not shown in my acct. What shall I do? Pls help….

  100. elma says

    Hi Stef, your article is very helpful. I’ve used these steps when I set up my paypal account and linked it to my BPI Family Savings account. My problem now is that my employer said that my email address is not letting bill transfer funds though my email has been verified already. Do you know anything about this? Is there another step I have to follow to receive my salary?

  101. meltz20 says

    Can anyone answer please which one is the account number the front part or the back part? im trying to link my Bpi express teller since my smart money got denied after 1 week of waiting. ;(

  102. izeksher says

    The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit.

    yan yung lumalabas na error kapag i withdraw ko na sa bang account ko sa BPI, may naka encounter naba ng ganito??? saka tanong ko lang yung may mga BPI account na succesful na nakapag withdraw to Bank account ano gamit nyong Account sa Paypal? Personal,Premium, or Business?

    Thanks po

    • Joan says

      I have the same problem. May lumalabas na ganyang error everytime na mag wi withdraw ako gamit ang BPI account sa paypal. What should I do? Pa advise naman po.


  103. SLy M. says

    Very helpful Article Stef! The BPI code you’ve provided is the same code that BPI gave me today. Thanks.

    The deductions are quite crazy though. Less P150 from the sender to receiver (me), then another P150 (less) from my paypal to BPI, err… a total of P300 deduction to withdraw . P300 ain’t that easy to come by for some folks.

  104. iansoller says

    elo,mam stef my bpi debit card ko,dun ko transfer un money gling paypal,laging error,pag mag withdraw ko almost 8 days n, pls help me nman,first tym ko kc gmamit ng gnito eh paypal,tnx,mam

  105. Suzain says

    Hello Steph,

    I hope you are having a great day.

    Thanks to your blog I was able to set up and use my paypal account.

    I do have a question about withdrawing funds to my account. I followed your instructions and it had an error saying I should provide my 4 digit paypal code. What does this mean? I did receive a verification letter in my email and it did have a 4 digit code. Where do I write the code?

    I saw in the screenshot you provided that the bank name is automated based on what you put in your primary. I am confused. Do I have to type it there?

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Thank you for taking the time reading my email.

    Kind Regards,


  106. niezl says

    good day!

    how can i verify my account when i have to give the information of the credit/debit card. i only have BPI Express Teller International.

    thank you!

  107. Em says


    This might be a lame question, but I’m willing to ask since I don’t really know…

    When you say BPI Express Teller International, does it include the ATM issued by BPI Family Savings Bank? Or this is only for the Bank of the Philippine Islands-issued ATM cards? Or can they both be used?


  108. Jeffrey says

    Hi Stef ,

    A newbie in paypal and im having problems on withdrawing funds to my account. can you help me on how to lift the monthly withdrawal limit or do i have to verify my account. And i already added my bpi express teller intl. to my acct.

    Thanks :)

  109. renz says

    hi stef,

    nice articles by the way! truly helpful.

    i am also encountering problems withdrawing money to my bpi account. i always get an error regarding withdrawal limit and my bpi account is not yet verified because it’s a regular atm acct, no mastercard or cirrus logo. what should i do? tnx!

  110. tracy says

    Hi Stef,

    I already have a verified paypal account. Matagal ko nang hindi nagagamit. Dati Eon yung naka attach and ngayon gusto ko sana na gamitin yung bpi account. Iadd ko lang ba yung account namin tapos ok na ba o may iba pang gagawin?

  111. Ads says

    Hello Ms Stef! Thank you for this super informative post. Just want to ask if it matters whether you put BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands (Philippines) to the bank name during add bank account? I used BPI only and I am hoping that my withdrawal won’t be declined, because I had a previous transaction declined using BDO. Thank you in advance for the replies! :)

  112. rizza says

    hi stef!… i did research on this lots of times… and im really getting stressed with it,,, i have BPI express teller and would want to withdraw money from paypal account but it always says i need to verify account… due to this, i read from other blogs that i could use BPI my ePrepaid to enter mastrecard 16 digit numbers… i thought this would end up well,, but, its still giving me error notifications… pls help!

  113. grace says

    Hi I am using my BPI Savings account. How am I going to receive the code if I don’t usually have a statement? Will BPI send me something? Thanks :)

  114. sheryl jane says

    ask ko lang if nag open ako bossing banko account pwede mak pad widraw tru this bossing banko

  115. bai nur-ayn says

    hi can someone help me about my problem

    im using BPI’s My E Prepaid MasterCard but when i registered it to paypal i always encountered this caution (Confirm your credit/debit card to get verified) also said that the said bank issued my card didn’t approve the said transaction. i have also BPI Cirrus card but the paypal requires 16 digit but my BPI cirrus only has 10 digits.. and if this doesn’t work can you suggest what available banks are linked to paypal Banko de oro (BDO), or Metro Bank..

    please help me asap :)

  116. Cynthia Valdez says

    According to BPI.. you can only use BPI CREDIT CARD to purchase via Paypal..but you cannot use a BPI express teller account to withdraw funds from Paypal. Hope this helps.

    • says

      Cynthia, you may want to re-read the post. I inserted a link that leads to a tutorial on how to verify your PayPal account, and yes you’ll need a credit or debit card , not an ATM savings card, to do so. And this regardless of the bank of choice.

  117. Yana says

    Hi Stef,

    Nice blog! I’m new with Paypal, I just want to know what will be the process if I’ll just be transferring funds from Paypal to BPI, but not actually withdrawing the funds. Also, I dont have a credit card can I use my fiance’s credit card instead to verify my account? Thanks

  118. Donna Rachelle Allere says

    Good Day!

    I have a problem in my Paypal Account which is “Limited”. The Paypal Team suggest me to stop the “Limitation” that needs me to have another account for me to get my peso balance since my Eon debit card is not valid anymore since I took 4 times to enter the codes they needed for registering my Eon card.

    Can I have another Eon card with the same account name?